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The climbing park is open on weekends and every day during school holidays end of April to October 15th. For more information, see our opening hours below.
We are also open to pre-booked groups throughout the year.

The park is open from 10-17

The courses close at 16.30 (Black+ at 16)

See opening hours further down on the site.

We also recommend booking harnesses prior to your visit in the Park:

April 15th to June 16th

Open every Saturday and Sunday.

We are also open:​

  • Closed May 17th

  • May 18th

  • May 27th through 29th


June 17th to Aug 13th

Open every day during the schools' holiday.

Aug 14th to Oct 15th

Open every Saturday and Sunday.

We are also open:

  • Every day during the schools Fall holiday  from Oct. 1th to Oct. 9th


We are open for groups all year, contact us per E-Mail:
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