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Because of the Covid-19 virus, we have had to introduce new rules to prevent infection. We take the prevention of infection seriously, and wish to create a safe atmosphere for both our guests and our employees. We therefore ask you to evaluate your own capacity before climbing a new course, so that we can avoid close contact between guests and employees due to having to rescue you. Some attractions are still closed: The Climbing Wall, the Big Trampoline, the Barn Jump and "Ættestupet".

We follow the recommendations from our government, and ask that you read our rules for common climbing sense.

To secure that we have the capacity for you, we recommend booking harnesses before your visit:

We prefer card as a payment method. 

All touch surfaces in the reception and in the toilets are being treated with spirits multiple times a day.

Due to the risk of infection, we do not display the grill. Therefore, feel free to bring your own food, and enjoy in the park, or at out benches. We still sell ice cream, soda, chocolate, tea, coffee and "Rett i koppen" (a dry dinner in a cup, which you add hot water to).

PLEASE NOTICE: If you fell sick, have flu- og cold-symptoms, do not come to the Adventure Park. If you are in the group at risk or socialize with people in this group, we do not recommend coming to the Park. 


  1. Keep your distance from others.

  2. Do not enter the reception before given permission.

  3. You are required to wear gloves. (Feel free to bring your own)

  4. Only touch wires and ropes in the courses.

  5. The toilets have hot water and soap, and feel free to use spirits placed outside of the reception.

  6. Listen to instructs and advice from our experienced employees.

  7. If you do not know the person on the next platform, wait until he/she/they have moved on to the next obstacle.

  8. Make safe choices (regarding which courses you move up into).

  9. Go back in time, there is no shame in turning around. 

  10. Used harnesses and helmets are to be delivered in the "seledeponi".

Feel free to bring your own helmet, like a bike-helmet or something resembling that. Gloves can be bought in the reception, or you can bring your own thin gloves, like cross country skiing gloves or mounting-gloves. Disposable gloves do not work in the climbing courses!

Harnesses and helmets are being disinfected after use.

We recommend taking a look at our informational video before your visit:






We welcome you to a safe climbing experience!

If you have any questions, call:

+47 991 60 057

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