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Terms for group-orders at Klatring på Grensen

Terms of payment

  • We only accept cash or the following credit cards: Bankaxept, Visa, Mastercard etc.

  • Invoice only by prior agreemnet, and then payment within 10 days. An invoice fee of kr. 95,- per purchase will be added.

  • All taxes are included.

Terms of cancellation for Telephone / E-Mail / Direct contact

  • Total cancellation is without charge no later than 4 weeks prior to the event.

  • Total cancellation 4-2 weeks prior: We bill kr. 1500,- in administraition fee.

  • Total cancellation 2 weeks - 48 hours prior: We bill 50% of the order's total value.

  • Total cancellation less than 48 hours prior: We bill 100% of the order's total value.

  • Smaller adjustments to the number of participants are without charge up until 48 hours prior to the event, but please keep us updated.

  • Ordered, unused spaces will require payment.


General terms

  • The customer is obliged to gather information on our agelimits, requirements for physical health etc.

  • The park is open regardless of the weather during the season. When thunder and/or poweful winds, parts of the park could be closed until the conditions change.

  • Klatring på Grensen AS take reservations on changes or cancellation of events due to weather conditions or other conditions that would make it irresponsible to open the park.


Personal information

  • Customer information will not be shared with/sold to a third party and is kept according to Norwegian Law.

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