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We have a department for parkbuilding systems. We deliver complete climbing parks, simple climbing courses, zip-lines or other forms of climbing constructions. We also hold competence within building of Via Ferrata.


It is built according to the NS-EN 15567-1 norm, so that the facility can be approved by the Norwegian SJT. The building team consists of 4 Norwegians and 15 Estonians. In addition to the park itself, we deliver IT-systemes and courses on safe operation. We work with an engineering company, who takes care of all calcultaions, and can be a partner during the whole project.

The last few years, we have delivered "theme parks", where one or more themes are reflected in the obstacles. This creates unique parks that stand out compared to others.

Here are some of our reference projects:

  • ​Helgøya klatrepark AS

  • Våler aktivitetssenter klatrepark AS

  • Åmotsdalen zipline AS

  • Stiggarti klatrepark

  • Oslo klatrepark AS

  • Gjesåsen klatrepark AS

  • Prøysenhuset klatreløype

  • Gjøvik klatrepark AS

  • Domkirkeodden klatrepark AS

  • Rjukan klatrepark AS

  • Spiralen klatreløype

Contact Henrik Aune, who leads the department per E-mail: or telephone: +47 957 25 072

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