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Groups of school classes can be booked by E-Mail or by telephone:

Mobile: +47 416 27 715

We welcome school classes on weekdays from 10-13:30 and 17-20:30.

When 35 or more students, 4 hours climbing.

When 60 or more students, 5 hours climbing.

We are flexible on starting times for the climbing.

The courses close 30 minutes prior to agreed upon closing time.


School classes have a set price of kr. 265,- per student.

Given price requires prebooking and more than 13 students climbing.

Minimumprice to open the climbing park for less than 13 students: kr.3500,-

We bring to your attention that children under 12 years must be accopmpanied by an adult up in the courses. One adult can accompany 2-3 children.

Teachers and adults who are driving, climb for free. Requires that they climb with the students.

Time for foodbreak is agreed upon with every group individually. Feel free to bring food for grilling or packed lunch.


We have 16 courses, the easiest being the green course, and the most challenging is the black + course. Most courses end with one or more zip-lines. We also have two popular zip-lines outside of the courses. 


For those who absolutely do not wanna climb, we have on-ground activities: Giant slingshott, 4-man bike and Frisbeegolf. These are by experience popular activities underneath the climbing courses. These activities are included in the price for those not climbing, or climbing very little (max. green course). We want this to contribute to giving everyone a good experience during their visit.

If you want an extra challenge and adrenalinkick, we recommend the Barn jump.


There is a grillarea with gas grills in the climbing park, so feel free to bring food. In addition, we have a kiosk where we can offer ice cream, soda, coffee, tea, gloves for climbing, "Rett i Koppen" and chocolate.


We welcome you to climbing and high experiences! 

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