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How can I prepare for the visit?

1. Book harness

The park is open for Drop-in, but we do recommend booking harnesses online. Then you will be sure to get a harness upon arrival.

Wear clothing suitable for movement.


We do have a barbeque area, so feel free to bring food, and enjoy a full day of nature.


If you are a big group, take contact for booking:


Telephone: +47 99 16 00 57

2. Start area

When paying, you are given a harness and a helmet. We recommend all climbers wear thin gloves as well. We do sell gloves in the reception.

When finished in the reception, you go to the Start area. Here, we help you attach your harness and helmet properly.

If you remove your gear, contact one of us, and we will help you put it back on.

3. The practice course

Everyone who wish to climb in the park, have to complete the Practice course. Here, we instruct you on how to secure yourselves when on the courses, and on the zip-lines.

When the Practice course is completed, you can try one of our many green courses.


How can I prepare for the visit?

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